The Best Parts of Working As An Electrician

The electrical field is one that is slowly declining in popularity as more and more high schoolers choose the college route over the technical school. While some will go into electrical engineering, there are fewer and fewer young electricians to replace those retiring in the field. In recent years, this has put pressure on many trades. MaintenX sees fewer recruits every year and competes with many other maintenance brands to find the best technicians in a much smaller workforce pool. 

While there are certainly many benefits to going into higher education, at MaintenX we want to encourage those who want an alternate career path to consider electrical work. Below are just a few reasons why our electricians love what they do, and want to continue working with MaintenX: 

Active lifestyle 

Electricians don’t work regular 9 to 5 jobs. They are always on their feet and working with their hands making an active lifestyle easy to lead in this line of work. Electricians are not only physically active but are required to problem-solve and think quickly on the job. This makes electrical work both physically and mentally engaging, and perfect for the worker who can’t sit still. 

Working in a recession-proof career

Our homes and businesses require electricity to operate. This means that no matter what the economy is like, there will be work in the electrical field in both residential and commercial sectors. 

Never-ending growth opportunities 

Electrical work is one of the more difficult technical vocations to master, which means those that are successful in the field are highly valuable. The electrical field is always changing with new technologies, so if you put in the work and stay up-to-date on industry trends, there will always be opportunities for career growth. 

Competitive salaries

Electrical work is one of the most lucrative trades to go into because the work is so highly specialized and can be dangerous without the right training. Many electricians can make comparable to someone with a four-year degree if they work hard and continue their professional development. This is not true with all trades and makes electrical work all the more appealing to some. 

Finding meaning in your work

As an electrician, you have the opportunity to turn your client’s day around every time you visit a job site. People come to us when they’re in need – when they’ve lost power or are struggling with a major appliance that doesn’t work. We can help them return to business-as-usual and ensure that their livelihoods are secure by helping on a job site. This makes electrical work something you can be proud of every single day. 

If you are interested in becoming a MaintenX electrician for these benefits and many more, visit our Careers page to find available positions near you. 

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