The Daily Facility Maintenance Checklist That Will Save You Money

A facility maintenance checklist is an invaluable security tool to keep a building safe through periodical planning, checkups, and maintenance undertakings. It’s the facility manager’s job to oversee maintenance, and checklists ensure that all tasks get accomplished.  

Not following your daily facility maintenance checklist can let small problems develop into big ones over time, causing extreme and even life-threatening security and human health concerns. 

One dangerous example can be a power cut in a facility without a properly maintained backup generator, which jeopardizes resources in your facility that must be kept under exact temperatures. This can also cause a serious risk to the life and health of your facility’s occupants.

Construction Features

The walls and their underlying structures of your facility can wear out over time and should be checked at least one a month for any visible cracks, fissures, faulty or exposed wires. Building arches, eaves and canopies should be inspected carefully as they tend to ruin more often. Routine roofing and soffit check-ups must be conducted along with the rest of the inspection of the building exterior.