How to Spot a Mold Problem in Your Building

Allergic Symptoms from Mold

Mold is dangerous for your facility’s structure and assets, but it’s also a danger for your facility’s occupants. Common allergic reactions to mold include sneezing, sore eyes and a runny nose or nasal congestion.

But how do you know the warning signs of mold? Read on to find out.

Smelling Mold

When there’s mold in a facility, oftentimes a moldy smell is the only clue that it’s there. Do you self and your occupants a favor and don’t ignore mold odors if you can’t see any mold. You should thoroughly inspect the facility before mold problems get worse.

Seeing Signs of Mold Growth

Visible mold growth might look like a clear sign of mold in your facility. But that being said, many people don’t notice small amounts of mold. Sometimes people in your facility just ignore the smell.

If you can see mold growth in any part of your facility, even if a little, then you need to immediately act.

Know your Molds

Mold comes in many shapes and sizes. Some mold looks white and thread-like. Mold can be black, gray, brown, green, or white.

Signs of Water Problems

If you discover long-term moisture issues in your facility, it’s a safe bet mold isn’t far behind. So, if you know you’ve had water and moisture issues in your facility, then it’s a pretty good sign you could have mold.

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