The Differences Between Preventative And Reactive Maintenance

In almost every scenario, it’s better to prevent a problem than react to it. In the workplace, it’s better to work with a struggling employee than react to a mistake. It’s better to communicate with a client on mutual expectations than react to their complaints. And, in the maintenance world, it’s better to prevent an equipment failure than work hard to fix it. 

Equipment and appliance repair can be costly, but can lead to even more costly replacement if not handled in a timely manner. Most manufacturers offer recommendations for regular maintenance, though not all equipment failures can be predicted. This is why it’s imperative to implement preventative maintenance into your facility’s regular maintenance schedule. 

Preventative maintenance should be a routine that adapts to your equipment’s needs over time. A preventative maintenance checklist includes tasks such as cleaning, routine part replacement, and inspection, but it evolves to meet the specific needs of your facility. Preventative maintenance provides the roadmap for performance optimization of all your facility’s equipment, from factory machines to office appliances. 

Preventative maintenance not only extends the life of your facility equipment, but it can also prevent workplace injuries. Well-running machines are less likely to fail on the job, which in a high-risk environment is imperative to employee safety. Even if you work in a low-risk environment, preventative maintenance can keep your staff safe and offer them a better working environment throughout the day. 

While MaintenX recommends preventative maintenance services for all our clients, we understand that some issues cannot be prevented. All equipment eventually starts to break down, and accidents will undoubtedly occur. In these instances, reactive maintenance is required.

Experienced maintenance staff will help recommend preventative maintenance measures that increase equipment performance while minimizing unnecessary repairs to keep your costs down. 

Preventative and reactive maintenance both have their place and time. However, by learning more about the maintenance processes of your facility, you can better budget time and resources allocated to equipment tuneups and inspections. With MaintenX technicians to help, you can easily increase efficiency throughout the building. Preventative maintenance will keep energy costs down, improve staff working conditions, and help you avoid downtime due to unexpected equipment repairs. 

Talk to the MaintenX team today to learn more about your preventative maintenance options. We are here to help facility managers improve every day with affordable services and a five-star nationwide contractor network.