The Importance of Safety Training in Facility Maintenance

Maintenance and construction jobs are some of the most dangerous occupations in the U.S. In fact, roofing and construction workers both ranked in the 2021 top 5 most dangerous jobs in the U.S. based on fatal injury rates per 100,000 workers. While protective equipment and safety regulations can prevent some of these injuries, the best form of defense for any line of work is proper training. The Importance of Safety Training Safety training may seem boring to your staff, but it is essential. The right safety measures can save a life, and it can ensure that your maintenance staff have long careers ahead of them without repetitive or stress injuries. Nothing is as important as your maintenance staff’s health and wellbeing, which is why safety training should be the first step in every onboarding process. Safety training doesn’t just save life and limb. It can also be beneficial in these areas of your maintenance department:
  • Safety training prevents repetitive and stress injuries that increase worker’s comp claims and decrease a worker’s career abilities
  • Safety training reduces the likelihood of onsite accidents that your business can be liable for
  • Safety training reduces improper equipment handling that can lead to shorter asset life
Three Steps to Successful Training
  • Hands-on demonstrations – The best way to learn is to practice. Hands-on demonstrations can help your maintenance staff see how different protocols impact their work, and how it can save them from traumatic injuries.
  • Inclusive dialogue – Encourage maintenance staff to ask questions and raise concerns about work conditions when necessary. This can help reduce your liability and ensure everyone is prepared before going to the worksite.
  • Regular check-ins with maintenance staff – Ensure what you’re teaching in training is being implemented on the floor with regular check-ins with your maintenance staff. See if they are using proper PPE and following safety protocols. And, ensure you are fostering a work environment where safety is valued over productivity or cutting corners.
MaintenX works with all of our employees to create a safe work environment where communication and precautions are always encouraged. To learn how you can cultivate this type of workplace, visit our Resource Center for more.

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