The Importance of Scheduling Professional Drain Cleaning

Plumbing maintenance is one of the wisest investments a facility manager can make to preserve their building and its performance. Without clean pipes and a healthy water system, your building is susceptible to major shutdowns, contamination, and so much worse. If you take a few steps to prevent plumbing issues, you’ll save your facility thousands of dollars in expensive repairs. 


One of those preventative maintenance tasks is professional drain cleaning. The drains in your restrooms or commercial kitchen are constantly experiencing wear and tear. If they are not cleaned regularly, you could experience a backed-up drain or a pipe burst. These can lead to water damage to the entire facility if you’re not careful. Professional pipe cleaning also helps reduce water usage, as your system will have to use less water to get past clogs in the drain. 


In commercial kitchens, drain cleaning is often required for sanitary purposes. Your food waste often goes down the drain whether you want it to nor not. If left untreated, a clogged drain can lead to a restaurant shut down. Contaminated water or a burst pipe is no option when you’re running a busy restaurant or food service facility. By caring for your pipes with professional drain cleaning, you can avoid costly emergency services in your off-hours. 


Why Call A Professional?


You might ask yourself, “Why can’t I simply use a home drain cleaning chemical for my commercial pipes? That would be cheaper and faster than a professional service.” While drain cleaning products may be affordable and fast, they are not recommended for commercial applications in almost all circumstances. 


These chemical-based cleaners can cause your pipes to corrode over time. They are not ideal for residential use either; however, residential repairs are much more affordable than commercial plumbing maintenance. If you destroy your building’s pipes with chemical cleaners, you’ll have a hefty repair bill in the future. 


Professional Drain Cleaning Options


Most professional drain cleaning services involve either a snaking service or hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is the process of flushing pressurized water through the drain to break up and unclog debris from pipes. This process is typically considered more effective than snaking because it can break up larger debris including tree roots and grease. However, it is not suitable for older plumbing systems. Talk to your MaintenX plumber to learn about the professional drain cleaning options that are best suited for your system. 


MaintenX offers preventative care services to ensure your facility is always running at peak performance. To learn more about our plumbing repair and preventative maintenance services, contact us today!

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