The Pros and Cons of Carpet In A Commercial Facility

Commercial flooring can be difficult to maintain, especially if your facility faces high levels of foot traffic throughout the day. There are pros and cons to each option but carpet is becoming more popular in recent years. Carpet is often used for healthcare facilities, hotels, retail, education, and office buildings. There are a variety of types, colors, and materials of carpeting from which to choose in your installation. 

Commercial carpet can be installed in tiles (sections of carpet individually laid and sewn together) or broadloom carpet (large sheets of carpet typically installed in small buildings and homes). Carpet tile is often chosen for facilities because it is more economical and easy to replace if a major stain or damage occurs. However, because it must be seamed together, some commercial facilities choose broadloom carpet for its aesthetic appeal. 

Before you decide whether carpet is the right choice for your new facility or renovation, you should familiarize yourself with its pros and cons: 


  • Carpet absorbs sound – Carpet is often installed in places where noise can be disruptive, such as educational facilities and medical facilities. The carpet reduces echo and ambient noise which can also be very calming in retail outlets. 
  • Carpet is comfortable – Carpet is oftentimes much more comfortable to stand on for long periods of time. If your facility is open for long hours, you may consider installing carpet for tenant comfort. 
  • Carpet tile can be easily replaced – Carpet tile can be easily refitted and replaced if major stains or tears occur. This provides the same benefits as regular tile but without the higher price tag. 
  • Carpet is relatively low-maintenance – Carpet must be vacuumed and occasionally deep cleaned, but it rarely requires more maintenance than that. As long as you clean spills quickly, you should have no need for special cleaners. 


  • Carpet can give off a “cheap” aesthetic – Some people find the look and feel of carpet to be cheap looking, especially if it is not well-maintained. In order to avoid this, invest in a high-quality carpet and vacuum regularly between deep cleanings. 
  • Carpet can retain dirt and allergens – Homeowners with carpet are far too familiar with the ability of this flooring to keep hold of dirt, spills, pet hair, and other allergens you’d rather not have in your facility. Make sure that vacuuming is a priority to ensure your carpeted areas are kept clean at all times. 
  • Carpet is not an eco-friendly option – Unless you choose a more expensive wool carpet, most types will be synthetic and therefore carry a high carbon footprint with them. If your company is committed to sustainable choices, opt for an eco- and allergen-friendly wool or another natural fiber carpet. 
  • Carpet can wear quickly – Some believe that carpet is not as durable of a flooring option as opposed to hardwood or tile. However, carpet is much more affordable to replace, so when it does begin to degrade it won’t be as costly a replacement as stone tile. Foot traffic and facility use are important factors to consider when choosing a flooring option that will last. 

MaintenX is here to help you with all your flooring needs. If you think carpet is right for you, or if you’d like to explore other options, contact our local professionals for help. We offer professional installation, floor remodeling, and maintenance services for commercial facilities. To learn more about our flooring services, contact us today!


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