The Secret Benefits of Landscaping your Facility

The advantages of smart landscape construction are many, varied, and long-lasting for both the land and its owner. Some of the most notable effects reflect upon your investment, your bills, and the environment.

Beautiful Landscapes Increase Property Value

Landscape construction doesn’t just bring beauty and shade to your property. It increases its value and curb appeal, drawing in buyers if or when you plan to put it on the market. We aren’t talking about pennies; quality landscaping can contribute to up to 28% of your home’s total value.

Good Landscaping Can Reduce Energy Costs

Strategic tree placement can impact your bills in a positive way. Natural shade reduces a building’s internal temperature, lessening the strain on your air conditioner and reducing your energy bill while giving you a reprieve from the Florida sun!

Landscaping Construction Provides Environmental Benefits

One of the most important advantages of hiring a professional to provide landscaping construction services is that we know what plants and trees are best for your property. Behind the aesthetics, trees recycle air into clean oxygen and capture runoff during Florida’s frequent storms. This impacts the health of your property and your air quality!

Give Your Landscape a Revolutionary Touch

If your landscape needs a refreshing change of scenery, give MaintenX a call today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and schedule an appointment to give your land a new look.