Check to Make Sure Your Janitor Is Addressing These Areas

Can you envision the cleaning process in your office or facility? Do you see the team vacuuming, wiping glass doors, emptying the trash, and dusting?

We’ve rounded up a list of the places people often forget to clean:


You’d think dirt, debris, and salt would only accumulate on the main path of the stairs. Surprisingly, buildup can happen just as quickly in the corners and edges, too; it’s easy for our shoes to kick particles into those areas.


Upholstery and other office furniture easily attract dust. If your facility has a waiting room or lots of visitors coming and going in a seating area, odors and stains are unavoidable.

Drying Racks

Do people in your office wash their dishes after lunch? If so, it’s doubtful they also take the initiative to clean the drying rack once in a while. Many might think clean dishes are going on there, so how can it be dirty? But water accumulation can be a breeding ground for mildew.


The liners may be changed every day, but when was the last time the cans were given a good washing?

Break Room Fridge

It’s one of the most dreaded places to clean, but grime, dirt, mold, and dust can accumulate quickly there.

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