The True Cost of Unreliable Facility Equipment

When you encounter an equipment breakdown, you might not treat it like a big deal. Equipment wears over the years, and while it is a major inconvenience, there is a great likelihood that your problem can be fixed relatively quickly. But, what if we told you that an equipment breakdown is actually a sign of an unreliable system? An unreliable system that will likely cost your facility thousands of dollars if not addressed. 

The cost of unreliable equipment should be viewed as part of the bigger picture of your facility operations. Individual maintenance service calls are not typically expensive, but their increase in cost and frequency is a sign that your equipment is underperforming. Any form of productivity loss should be addressed by your management, and defined in terms of annual failure cost. 

By reducing the complexity of unreliable facility systems to individual equipment failures, you lose sight of the overall problem at hand. When failures are given a monetary value rather than simply counted each month, they can suddenly seem much more important to upper management. The lost gross margin, repair costs, cost of downtime, and other figures add up very quickly when an equipment failure is not addressed proactively. 

This financial approach to calculating maintenance effectiveness can help you and others in management prioritize preventative and reliability-centered maintenance. Fortunately, most facilities see 80% of their maintenance costs drained from 20% of unreliable equipment. This can easily be fixed with a proper upgrade or a more thorough preventative maintenance schedule. This is where MaintenX steps in. 

MaintenX offers preventative maintenance and installation services for businesses in 13 states. We work with experienced local contractors to ensure that your service is delivered on-time and by the experts. Whether you’re looking to give your preventative maintenance protocol a boost or are budgeting for equipment upgrades, we are the place to call for all of your maintenance service.

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