Clean Pipes Lead To Increased Employee Productivity

When trying to achieve higher levels of productivity in the workplace, several different things come to mind. Designer office spaces, work-from-home options for employees, and visual management systems are often the first of suggestions that managers will use to speed up or reduce costs for daily operational tasks. However, there is another way you can improve employee morale and efficiency and it will cost you next to nothing. Can you guess what it is?

Water. That’s right, the simple accommodation of having access to filtered water has proven to help improve self-reported employee productivity. Recent studies have shown that the availability of drinking water throughout the day helps more than the office coffee maker, and can even be more effective than different managerial styles and traditional methods of productivity training. Here’s what the recent Hydration in the Workplace Report had to say.

In a survey of more than 6,300 respondents:

  • 72.6% reported that access to water during work hours improved overall wellbeing 
  • Over 20% stated that access to drinking water would increase their likelihood of staying at their jobs. 
  • 95.4% reported that water intake is beneficial to individual concentration and productivity; only 80.8% said the same about coffee and 47.3% said the same for energy drinks. 
  • 70% of survey participants believe that their employer could be doing more to reduce single-use plastic waste, but 40% believe that their employer has no interest in doing so.
  • It is estimated that nearly 19 billion plastic bottles could be reduced if workplaces offered drinking water to their employees.

Clean drinking water can benefit your company in more ways than one. If you invest in providing water for employees, they will be healthier, more satisfied, and more productive while at work. These benefits will grow within your company tenfold if employees are encouraged to drink water while at work on a regular basis.  

Clean water starts with clean pipes. In order to keep your water clean and employees happy, you must first talk to your local MaintenX team about preventative maintenance services for your entire plumbing system. We offer affordable preventative services, as well as timely and efficient emergency services to keep your facility running smoothly. 

Talk to your local MaintenX today to get started!

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