This Is What Happens When You Don’t Fix A Leak In Your Roofing 

A leaking roof is usually cause for emergency maintenance service. If the leak has become bad enough to show through the ceiling, the problem has reached a dangerous level and needs to be remedied immediately. However, some facility managers will put off the repair due to its cost. 

Yes, roofing repairs can be expensive, but they are necessary. If you don’t tend to the issue, it could cause even more costly repairs, or worse, a collapse of the roofing inside the building. This should be avoided at all costs. In addition to the high costs, ignoring a roofing leak could lead to these serious maintenance issues:

You could experience mold growth. 

Mold doesn’t need much to grow. Simply give it water, heat, and a food source and it will spread slowly throughout your building. Food sources in commercial buildings include drywall, wood, and other building materials. Summer is the worst time for a roofing leak to occur because of the additional heat on the roofing. If you don’t take care of the leak quickly, the moisture, heat, and access to food will cause a severe health hazard inside your facility. 

Your building’s structure could be compromised. 

A leak in your roofing could allow water to damage the frame. At first, this will simply cause sagging in the roofline. However, the sagging will encourage water pooling, which will only exacerbate the problem. Eventually, the compromised frame will collapse, and you’ll be left with a very high repair bill. Prevent this from happening by calling your roofing specialist at MaintenX as soon as you notice a leak. 

Your insulation could be damaged.

Roof leaks not only cause damage to the building’s frame, but can dampen and damage your insulation. Most commercial facilities have fiberglass insulation. This type of insulation will become denser and come apart when it becomes wet. This will reduce the effectiveness of your insulation and will add weight that can also cause a ceiling collapse. 

As you can see, roofing leaks are serious business. They should be addressed as soon as they are identified to preserve the structural integrity of your building, as well as maintain a reasonable budget. You don’t want to have to pay for mold removal, insulation, or a ceiling collapse in addition to roof repair. 

MaintenX offers roofing repair, waterproofing, and installation services for facilities in the state of Florida. Contact us today to learn more about the roofing services in your area! 

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