Three Dangers of Electrical Wiring Damage

Electrical issues are an uncommon but serious issue for commercial facilities. Most office buildings and retail centers are built in newer buildings, so the electrical systems are in relatively new condition. However, older buildings can have wiring that is decades old, and prone to issues as it ages or becomes damaged through external factors. 

If you are experiencing electrical problems such as shorts or flickering lights, your building could face more serious threats that need to be addressed. Some of the most common issues associated with electrical wiring damage include:

Power outages

Old or outdated wiring can short or quit working altogether, leading to an outage exclusively within your building. This can not only halt the workflow of your building, but cause damage to computers and other technologies if not addressed. If you are already experiencing shorts, make sure to call your MaintenX electrician for a consultation. 

Electric shocks

Electric shocks are a serious danger to your facility if you’re not up to date on your electrical maintenance. Some may be small and result in no more than a zap when plugging into an outlet, but major issues with your electrical system can pose serious health risks to staff. If your building has old wiring that is starting to fail, avoid this risk and call your MaintenX contractor for help. 

Electrical fires

Electrical fires are another common danger of faulty wiring and are more common than many facility managers realize. These can range in seriousness from a small spark to a fire that can cause permanent damage to your building. Electrical safety comes first at MaintenX, which is why we always check for signs of electrical damage in advance to prevent these sorts of accidents from happening at your building. 

MaintenX takes your electrical safety and maintenance very seriously. If you have concerns about your electrical system and want to schedule an inspection, call your local MaintenX team today!


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