Four Dangers of Roofing Damage At Your Facility

MaintenX specializes in roofing repair for commercial facilities, and one of the things we stress the most is perioding roofing inspections for all of our clients. While you may not think your roof needs much preventative care in order to stay strong, it’s important to catch issues early. Your roof is one of the most important structures of your building, and neglecting it can spell disaster for your entire business. 

If you don’t catch roof damage early, one of these four issues is likely to pop up within the interior of your facility:

Ceiling leaks

Leaks are the most obvious issue relating to roof damage, but many facility managers don’t realize just how serious they are. Leaks in the ceiling mean that water has infiltrated several barriers of your roof and is now causing water damage to your building. If not taken care of soon, it can lead to mold, mildew, and a host of other secondary problems for your building. 

Pest problems

Cracks and damage to your roofing allow the perfect entrance for rodents, roaches, and other pests to enter your facility. Even with frequent pest control service, this type of damage to your building can make it difficult to control pests. Repairing roof damage ensures there is no place for animals such as squirrels and rats to make a nest within the roofing of your building. 

Insulation and HVAC issues

Like any gap in the insulation of your building, roof damage can cause several problems with climate control in your building. If your roof is not properly insulated, your HVAC system will have to work overtime to keep the temperature and humidity at an acceptable level. This can not only cause issues with climate control, but can lead to HVAC issues later down the line. 

Roof collapse

If roof damage is left unattended, you may be at serious risk during a natural disaster event. Though it is unlikely that your roof will collapse on its own, if it is not well-maintained it will be weaker when standing up against hurricanes, tornadoes, or other major storms in your area. Even if insurance covers the repairs, a roof collapse is one of the worst damages a business can experience after a storm. However, you can help prevent this by maintaining your roof and scheduling regular inspections to catch issues early. 

If you need to schedule a roofing inspection soon, contact your local MaintenX team today to get started! We specialize in roofing repair and preventative care and are happy to help you begin a roof maintenance program at your facility.

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