Three Dangers of Water Damage At Your Facility

At MaintenX, we strive to provide the best preventative plumbing maintenance for all of our commercial clients. While not every business invests in preventative care, we emphasize its importance at every site visit to try and minimize reactive repairs. This is because one of the biggest issues we are called out for is water damage.

Water damage in commercial facilities is most often caused by a pipe burst, leak, or other sign of plumbing deterioration. When interior water damage like this occurs, it poses several risks to your facility: 

Mold and mildew growth

Mold and mildew are the biggest issues related to water damage, not only because they’re so common, but because they pose serious health risks to your staff. If mold and mildew begin to circulate through your HVAC system, it can cause detrimental effects to your indoor air quality including “sick building syndrome,” where an entire building’s staff and clientele become sick with respiratory issues. If you want to avoid this, avoid water damage at all costs. 

Increased pest problems

Moisture often attracts pests to your facility, even if you schedule regular pest control services. These services will exterminate existing pests and repel them to some degree, but water damage creates an environment that is too tempting for roaches and rodents to pass up. Plus, water damage can increase the likelihood of termite problems at your facility. 

Drywall damage

When water from plumbing leaks into the drywall, you can guarantee you’ll have rot, mold, and potentially structural damage to deal with. This can lead to expensive and cumbersome repairs to your facility’s interior if not treated quickly. There are methods to minimize water damage on drywall, but it must be addressed as soon as you notice the problem to prevent damage to the interior wall structures. 

Water damage can quickly snowball into serious repairs for your facility if you’re not careful. If you are experiencing water damage and want to act on it now, contact your local MaintenX technicians today for help.

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