Three Things To Know About Roofing Warranties For Commercial Facilities

Installing a new roof is an incredibly complex process for commercial facilities. When choosing a new roofing style, you’ll likely be consumed by pricing, colors, and installation time. However, it’s important to include the warranty protection as part of your decision. The roofing you choose now may be on your building for the next 30+ years, so having a substantial warranty is crucial. 

Talking about this with your contractor will help you set yourself up for the future. There are several types of roofing warranties you’ll want to consider: 

Manufacturer’s Warranties

The manufacturer will often provide a basic limited warranty for the cost of defective shingles. This typically only includes defects from the factory rather than damages caused by faulty installation or maintenance, and may be limited to a period of time. Because of this limited protection, you will want to look into additional warranties to protect against other damages. 

Extended Manufacturer’s Warranties

Many manufacturers will offer extended warranties for an additional cost. These warranties typically have certain requirements such as roofing protections or installation work by an approved contractor, but they can help you long-term. Oftentimes extended warranties will last the lifetime of your roofing. They may even include a warranty on the installation service. 

Workmanship Warranties

A reputable contractor will stand by their work and offer a workmanship warranty for repairs due to improper installation. These warranties typically cover the cost of replacement materials and labor in the event that a mistake was made. However, these warranties are not a fallback plan. You’ll want to choose a highly reputable contractor first, so that you never have to use their workmanship warranty in the first place. 

Depending on the type of roofing, the cost, and your plans for the future, one or each of these warranties may be the best option for you. Always talk to your roofing contractor before you begin the work to choose the right warranty for your needs. A reputable roofer will want to help you find the best policy for your facility. 

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