Three Hard Plumbing Truths Your Facility Manager Needs To Know

Plumbing repairs are some of the most stressful maintenance tasks for facility managers. Oftentimes they are disruptive and expensive. Plus, plumbing can cause major issues with our water quality or access. The best way to avoid expensive and disruptive plumbing repairs is to understand the needs of your plumbing system. Preventative care will help you keep your system healthy and save you money long-term. 

Below are three hard truths every facility manager needs to know about their plumbing service: 

Leaky faucets are costing you a lot. 

A small leak can waste up to give gallons of water within 24 hours. In fact, it could be adding an additional 10% to your bill if you’re not being careful. The hard truth is that you cannot let a leaky faucet go unnoticed for more than a day or two before it starts to accumulate a significant cost. Call your MaintenX lumber as soon as you notice the problem. 

Drain cleaners are not safe for commercial facilities. 

If you have a backed-up drain at your facility, it may be tempting to pick up some Drain-O and use it like you do for your house. Unfortunately, excessive use of these chemicals will cause leaks, corrosion, and a whole host of other problems for your piping. The only true solution when a drain is backed up is professional snaking by a MaintenX plumber. 

Your janitorial staff probably shouldn’t do that repair. 

Janitorial staff are there to help maintain the appearance of your facility and do minor aesthetic repairs. However, they should not be responsible for any plumbing repair, even if it seems minor. A handyman or janitor with some experience may be able to get the job done, but they could also cause more damage that will cost you in the long run. Skip the risk and call your plumber for any repair. 

MaintenX prioritized preventative care to avoid disruptions and help you maintain a highly efficient facility. Understanding these plumbing truths, along with our expert service can help you maintain a plumbing system 365 days of the ear. For more information, contact your local MaintenX plumbing team today!

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