Throwing An Onsite Event? Add These Maintenance Tasks To Your To-Do List

The party is about to begin! Whether it’s a grand opening, a launch party, or the annual employee holiday bash, your onsite event carries a lot of weight with the company. You want attendees to relax and have a truly enjoyable time. Their experience may even be the difference between them choosing you over a competitor, or staying with the company for another five years. 

While the music and food will be noticed first, your venue maintenance will also catch the eye if unattended. You may not think guests will notice improper maintenance, but it will make a bad impression in ways you don’t expect. Before hosting your event, make sure you prevent these onsite maintenance issues:

Your bathroom has a leak. 

A big event means an influx in restroom traffic throughout the evening. A small leak in the pipes will show its face very quickly if not fixed beforehand. Before your event takes place, check for leaky faucets or piping and call your MaintenX plumber for assistance. We can help you fix the problem in no time and for an affordable price. 

Your venue isn’t properly climate controlled. 

Guests who are too hot or cold will be uncomfortable, and therefore less inclined to have a good time at your event. If your HVAC or heat pump isn’t in working order, you could force many to leave the event early. Call your MaintenX team for a preventative maintenance check on your HVAC system before the party begins. 

Your janitorial team has failed. 

An event venue needs to be squeaky clean before guests arrive. If it’s not, attendees will be turned off and likely not want to return. Choosing a second-rate janitorial service will get your company into trouble, so hire the best from the beginning. MaintenX offers full-service janitorial packages for events. Talk to us today about your options. 

If you’re planning to host a big event at your facility, contact MaintenX today!

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