Four Reasons You Should NEVER Defer HVAC Maintenance

At Maintenx, we deal with deferred maintenance every day. Clients new and old wait to call a licensed professional for their HVAC maintenance service, and pay the high price when a breakdown occurs. While we encourage all clients to invest in preventative care for their facility equipment, this doesn’t always happen. 

To demonstrate the importance of preventative maintenance, we want to discuss the progression of problems that occurs when HVAC service is deferred:

When HVAC maintenance is deferred, filters and ducts get clogged. 

Your HVAC’s air filter is a very important mechanism. It keeps dust and dirt from circulating through the air. However, the filters can only do their job if they are not already clogged. If you fail to have your HVAC tech clean the ducts and replace the air filter, they can get clogged, which results in the first major problem at your facility. 

When filters and ducts get clogged, indoor air quality suffers. 

When your air filter is clogged, the airflow is restricted. This causes your HVAC system to work harder in order to regulate temperature and humidity. It also impedes your system’s effectiveness in removing contaminants from the air. Dust and dirt is able to circulate, and the changes in temperature and humidity can allow bacteria to grow in the ducts. These bacterias turn into allergens, which coupled with dust in the air will hurt indoor air quality

When indoor air quality goes down, productivity decreases. 

Poor indoor air quality caused by the circulation of dust and allergens leads to headaches, congestion, eye irritation, and in severe circumstances asthma attacks. Several universities have studied the effects of indoor air quality on productivity in the workplace, and have concluded that poor indoor air quality can directly cause an increase in sick days. The CDC has estimated that nearly $60 billion dollars in revenue is lost annually due to productivity losses from indoor air quality issues.

And when productivity suffers, the whole facility suffers. 

Deferred HVAC maintenance isn’t just a matter of keeping your facility cool. It can impact your tenants’ health and your bottom line if you’re not careful. Contact MaintenX today to schedule your HVAC preventative maintenance work.

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