Tips and Benefits of Electrical Preventative Maintenance 

With winter in full swing, now is the time to ensure that your electrical systems are in tip-top shape. The last thing you want is an electrical problem to cause the heater to malfunction, effectively shutting down your facility. In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we don’t face snow or sleet, but we serve 12 other states where snow and sub-freezing temperatures cause major electrical issues. Here’s why you need to prepare now rather than later: 

Prevent electrical shorts. An electrical short circuit happens when too much current is sent through a wire, oftentimes leading to a blown fuse. However, excessive heat or a small explosion can lead to a facility fire, endangering the lives of your workers. Preventative maintenance reduces the chance of these occurrences tremendously. 

Ensure that security monitoring and failsafe measures are in working order. Safety monitoring equipment should also be checked to ensure it is in working order. Many facility accidents happen because the failsafe measures do not occur when an accident happens. Your maintenance staff should check the emergency lights and power indicators to prevent accidents. 

Extend the service life of critical equipment. Preventative maintenance helps you to extend the life of your assets, resulting in cost savings in the long-term. Well-maintained equipment will also provide more power or outputs for a lower price than equipment that needs constant emergency maintenance. 

Prevent unplanned downtime. When an electrical issue occurs, you will have to adjust your workflow to let the electrician service your facility. This leads to downtime that you likely cannot afford. In order to prevent this altogether, schedule electrical maintenance services when it is convenient for you, rather than when it is necessary. 

Save on your power bill. When you service electrical components and equipment, they don’t have to work as hard. This results in increased energy efficiency, which in turn reduces your power bill. During the winter season when energy consumption is already high, this can help you cut costs considerably. 

Make your facility a safe place to work. Fires, equipment malfunctions, and other safety hazards have no place in the work environment. Not only will your facility lose its reputation, but you will likely be greeted by liability lawyers who love to find holes in your maintenance procedures. Be proactive in your safety protocols and you’ll thank yourself when you have zero accidents on the clock. 

It is for these reasons and many more than we encourage all businesses to schedule preventative electrical maintenance through MaintenX. Our network of licensed and specially trained electricians can help improve your facility maintenance standards across the board. Contact us today to learn more!

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