The Hidden Costs of Equipment Failure

Preventative maintenance isn’t as exciting as R&D, sales, or marketing when it comes to running your business. However, keeping your equipment in top shape is just as important as the more flashy and attention-grabbing parts of operational success. Your maintenance service is a worthy investment in your business. It keeps it afloat for long-term sustainability and growth. 

However, the ROI of preventative maintenance is often hard to predict. You can measure it at the end of the year in reduced emergency maintenance costs and downtime, which means you have to think proactively when implementing preventative maintenance schedules. Remember the hidden costs of equipment failures that will sneak up on you if you don’t invest in proper maintenance for your facility. They include: 

Unplanned downtime

Downtime is the number one killer of manufacturing facilities and other large operations, and it is often caused by a lack of proper maintenance. Facility managers will run their equipment beyond recommended performance in order to gain short-term results. However, this comes back to bite them when poorly maintained equipment begins to fail. Reduce the risk of unplanned downtime by following performance recommendations and providing maintenance for key machinery. 

Inventory issues

If you do experience an unplanned shutdown of one critical piece of equipment, you will likely interrupt the entire production process. This could lead to shortages in inventory, or inventory backup as you make up for lost time. You want your facility to run like a well-oiled machine, but that won’t happen if you don’t actually care for the machinery you depend on. Schedule preventative maintenance to maintain steady workflow. 

Employee risk

Preventative maintenance isn’t just about saving money down the line. It’s about keeping your workers safe. Equipment failures are rare, but when they happen they have the potential to cause harm to the operators. You don’t ever want to be the workplace that is seen as unsafe, or have lawyers banging on your door searching for poor maintenance practices that result in accidents. Invest in preventative maintenance upfront to keep your team safe. 

If you do not have a preventative maintenance plan in place, it’s time to call MaintenX. We work with top contractors in 13 states to provide the electrical, plumbing, roofing, and other key maintenance services you need to keep your facility running smoothly. Contact us today for more information. 

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