Tips for Choosing the Right Fence For Your Commercial Facility

Do you have a dilapidated, damaged or otherwise unsightly fence at your facility? It is all too easy to let this aesthetic feature of your facility slip through the cracks, but a poorly maintained fence can attract a very wrong crowd to your business. Fencing is not only a cosmetic feature, but an important part of your facility’s security and privacy for tenants and customers. By investing in the proper installation and maintenance of your fence, you can create a safer and more enjoyable place to work. 


Whether you’re installing your first fence or are ready to renovate your existing structure, these are the best guidelines to follow when choosing your materials and working with a contractor: 


Choose a high-quality material.

Not all fencing is created equally. Different materials are designed for different purposes and by lacking in your research, you may choose the wrong fence for your facility. Typically, wooden and vinyl fences are used for privacy, while tall chain link can be used for security. Aluminum and wrought iron are beautiful, but they won’t offer great protection or privacy. Before you buy, think about what is most important to you in terms of fence function and style. 


Think about local weather and climate. 

You may love the look and price of a wooden fence, but your local climate may not agree with you. In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we typically recommend something waterproof so that your fence will survive the summer hurricane season. If you live on the waterfront or in an area that is windy, you may opt for chain link so wind and water can go through your fence rather than putting pressure on it and potentially collapsing it. Or, you can choose the all-around sturdy vinyl that is waterproof, durable, and won’t buckle under the summer heat. 


Find the right price

While commercial fencing can be as decorative as residential fencing, you will likely have much more ground to cover than a homeowner will. You want to balance quality for price when it comes to commercial fencing or else you may be in over your head very quickly. If you want to cut your budget without sacrificing curb appeal, don’t be afraid to mix fencing styles. You can use chain link or wood for areas that aren’t visible to the public, while adding vinyl or aluminum to areas seen from the road. 


Choose the best contractor

The most important choice in planning your fencing project is choosing the right contractor. Without a proper installation, your fencing will not reach its full lifespan and will likely need many repairs along the way. Choose a contractor like MaintenX that is experienced, well-established, and doesn’t cut corners to give you the fencing installation you deserve.

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