Tips for Hiring Better Maintenance Contractors

Finding a maintenance contractor for your repair, renovation, or new installation can be tricky. There are thousands of names out there, but only a few in your area you can really trust. If you’ve never used a company before, how can you tell if their quality of work is really what they say? 

At MaintenX, we want to help our clients avoid contractor headaches by providing fast, reliable service at an affordable rate. If you’re interviewing with several contractors, here’s what you should do to avoid poor service: 

Ask for references or search online reviews.

Don’t take your contractor’s word for the quality of their work – ask around and get plenty of references! Other customers can tell you best what the pros and cons of working with a specific contractor may be. Find someone with great reviews or several local references to ensure the quality of work before you begin on a new project. 

Ask about commercial experience.

Not all contractors specialize in commercial plumbing, electrical, HVAC, or roofing repair. While they may say they can perform the job well, your best bet is to choose someone who focuses solely on commercial spaces. They will not only understand the scope of work better, but can provide you information on permitting, local ordinances and more. 

Start with smaller jobs. 

Before you hire someone to redo an entire room or area of your facility, hire them for something smaller to see the quality of their work and customer service. There’s nothing worse than hiring a contractor you don’t know for a big project, only to find out they can’t deliver what you expect. This is a waste of your time and resources, and finding a contractor to redo previous work is so much harder than doing it the first time. Make sure you vet your company prior to ensure this situation doesn’t occur. 

MaintenX provides on-demand maintenance and repair service from curb to curb and coast to coast. To learn why so many businesses choose us for all of our commercial repairs, visit our Services page or contact your local MaintenX team for a consultation. 

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