Using Sustainability As a Selling Point

Environmental sustainability is the biggest trend in marketing today. According to a 2015 Nielson Study, approximately ⅔ of consumers globally are willing to pay more for a product that is marketed as sustainable. In the 15-20 age group for that year (today’s 22 to 27-year-olds), 72% would pay more for products marketed as sustainable. As this age bracket grows into the dominating consumer, it is no surprise that every company everywhere wants to be seen as eco-friendly. However, what are the implications of this marketing trend? While many businesses are genuinely making changes to support their environment and community through better business practices, others are scraping by with the bare minimum in order to use sustainability as a marketing buzzword. Is sustainability a true community goal, or is it simply a word we like to use in order to position our products better? Consumers have greater access to company information than ever before, so superficially sustainable companies are easy to expose. If you want your business to make a real impact on the environment and on customers, there are ways to promote sustainability the right way. Ways You Can Ethically Promote Sustainability
  • Release Impact Reports – Impact reports aren’t just for nonprofits and certified B-Corps. Any business can release impact reports on their websites to promote their achievements throughout the year with honesty and integrity.
  • Look for affordable ways to give back – While business operational changes and product designs are often the first places businesses look to become more sustainable, you can reach even greater impact by offering volunteer opportunities to employees, providing charitable donations, and otherwise supporting green initiatives in your community.
  • Get certified – Consumers are wising up to brands that are only superficially sustainable. By getting certifications for your products and brand, you can prove to customers that you’re not all talk.
Sustainability can be a great marketing tool, as long as you use it honestly and with integrity. If you’re looking for ways to make your building more sustainable, talk to a MaintenX team or visit our Resource Center for more information on sustainable facility maintenance.

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