MaintenX’s Priorities for Best-in-Service Facilities Management

MaintenX has been in business for over 40 years, and works with hundreds of clients across the country in order to provide convenient and affordable facility maintenance service. We’ve been able to cultivate a reputation for excellence, not only because of our stellar contractor network but because of the guiding principles that shape the way we do business. And while we couldn’t do it without our incredible technicians and dispatch teams, there is one thing that weaves us together from the corporate level all the way to individual interactions with our customers. We have three priorities that guide every action on the MaintenX team, from top-down decisions to the maintenance service you receive on the job site:
  • Safety – We would not be where we are without our talented technicians. Therefore, their safety is at the top of our list for operational success. By providing training, equipment, and safety resources, we prevent onsite accidents and ensure our technicians have long and successful careers.
  • Communication – In an emergency, you need maintenance service that is fast and reliable. That is why we’ve invested in the best work-order management and dispatch systems in order to provide you with fast service when disaster strikes. This also facilitates communication for preventative maintenance to ensure you never miss a step.
  • Integrity – When dealing with a maintenance emergency, you will likely feel pressured to do whatever your technician tells you. You don’t have time to vet or get a second opinion if the roof is leaking or the plumbing’s backed up. At MaintenX, you don’t need to worry. We individually vet contractors for their service and ensure they not only provide great service but a wealth of information so you can make informed decisions for your building.
MaintenX has the same priorities you do – to get you back on your feet with the best maintenance service around. If you’re looking for a maintenance service that can deliver, fast, reliable, and trustworthy service, contact your local MaintenX team to learn more.

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