Water Waste And The Problems It Causes in Commercial Facilities

Wastewater treatment is a concern for all commercial facilities. Whether it’s simply draining from bathrooms and kitchens, or if you use waste water as part of your operations, it is a major part of your plumbing system and should be examined for efficiency and safety. Below are some of the most common concerns for facility managers, and how to solve common wastewater problems. 


It is estimated that United States wastewater treatment facilities process as much as 34 billion gallons of water every single day. This water must be treated before it is released into the environment, for it may contain dangerous levels of nitrogen and phosphorus, among other pollutants. Not all commercial facilities treat their wastewater, but some use the process to recycle water. 


If your facility treats industrial wastewater, you’ll want to be prepared for common issues and ways to improve energy efficiency. Below are some of the most common types of wastewater treatment in commercial facilities, and what to expect before you install each system:


  • Raw water treatment systems – These treatment systems are designed to treat natural water resources for uses in industrial applications. Groundwater, well water, or water from lakes and rivers is treated and then used in your HVAC or  processing equipment. While these systems are efficient, they can be rather rigid in their application. Be aware of your system’s limitations and don’t overwork your raw water treatment system. 


  • Cooling tower water treatment systems – These treatment systems are used to purify feed water or circulation water. This is important so as not to damage the components of a cooling tower, but these systems become inefficient when proper maintenance is not conducted. Be sure to run preventative maintenance diagnostics to preserve your cooling tower treatment system. 


  • Boiler feed water treatment systems – These systems are used to treat the water in your boiler system, and are crucial to safe and efficient operations. Maintenance of this equipment will ensure water is being treated and condensed efficiently, and that your boiler is always in good working condition. 


These types of wastewater treatment systems are most common in commercial facilities, but there are other factors that play a part into any facility’s water treatment. MaintenX offers comprehensive wastewater treatment and plumbing services including:


  • Backflow testing
  • Indoor plumbing repair and preventative maintenance
  • Sewer line repair and preventative maintenance
  • Water heater maintenance
  • Boiler repair, maintenance, and replacement


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