Ways to Improve Your Building’s Operational Efficiency

All businesses aspire to maximize efficiency, and responsibility for this falls to the company facility manager. Operational efficiency has a lot to do with managing the resources of the facility, whether water, electricity, time, or money, in a way that reduces waste and maximizes output. There are a few ways to go about this, varying by facility type, but the end goal remains the same for all.

Properly maintaining facility systems and equipment goes a long way to increasing overall efficiency; clean and well-maintained equipment just runs better. Preventative maintenance is best practice when it comes to execution, because regular small fixes are more cost-effective than large repairs at an inconvenient time. Moreover, equipment breakdown usually leads to downtime, which is the absolute bane of operational efficiency.

Cutting down on wasteful use of electricity and other utilities is also a major boon to efficiency. This can be achieved a number of ways, but one of the best is through appliances that are designed to be “green,” or do the same work with less energy. These might include motion-controlled light switches, sinks, and other such pieces of equipment. Don’t forget to change behavior, too; get in the habit of turning off lights when they’re not needed, use an office dishwasher instead of hand washing, etc.

Maximum efficiency is the goal of every facility manager, but it’s easier to achieve than one might think. We at MaintenX are here to help in any facility maintenance project or schedule to help your business be the best it can.