What Happens When You Don’t Manage Work Order Requests

At MaintenX, we pride ourselves in the dedication to excellence across every one of our team members. From dispatch, to our technicians, to our customer service staff, we believe in creating an exceptional customer experience from beginning to end. However, not every maintenance team can say the same. 

If you’ve ever worked with an inexperienced or less-than-dedicated maintenance team, you may be familiar with untimely work order requests. When a maintenance team can’t or simply doesn’t manage their work order requests, things can get out of hand quickly. Here’s what happens when you choose a service without a work order management program: 

Your service is delayed. 

Without proper communication, services cannot be completed on time. The right technician must be informed of a service request and be able to quickly dispatch to the site for an emergency maintenance call. Even if the service is preventative, you may not receive it on your schedule if your maintenance team doesn’t manage their workflow properly. 

Your technician is unprepared. 

Without a proper work order management system, your maintenance team cannot properly dispatch and connect the right technician to the right problem. The technician sent to your business may be inexperienced, ill-informed about your problem, or may be overworked and rush your job. Don’t let this happen to you during an emergency — hire a professional team to help

Essential materials and equipment aren’t available. 

Without proper communication, your maintenance team will be unprepared. They may not receive all of the details in your work order request, and may forget essential equipment before arriving onsite. This can delay the time to complete the service and put your facility in jeopardy. 

Your estimate is inaccurate. 

If your maintenance team is disorganized enough, they may give you an inaccurate estimate based on miscommunications and misunderstandings. This can put you at a financial setback or delay essential operations because maintenance work is taking too long. When this happens, your maintenance team has really let you down. 

Bottom line, your service suffers. 

That’s why commercial facilities across the country choose MaintenX for their total facilities repair and preventative maintenance. We keep track of your work order request from beginning to end to ensure you receive service on-time and of the quality you deserve. There are no exceptions with MaintenX. We deliver the best in service every time and for every customer. 

To learn more about our maintenance services and work order management program, contact us today!

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