What Is “Self-Performing” Facility Maintenance?

Outsourcing your facility maintenance is a big decision. While the choice to outsource rather than hire full-time can save you time and afford you experienced help, it can be risky. If you hire a company with a low standard of service, you may spend more than you save on repeat repairs and mismanaged service. That’s why MaintenX offers the highest-rated self-performing facility maintenance services in the country. 

Self-performing facility maintenance is different from hiring in a subcontractor network or outsourced maintenance partner in many ways. AT MaintenX, we manage work orders and schedule services from one centralized location. This helps us to coordinate with clients, send the best technician for the job, and ensure that follow-ups are provided in a timely fashion. We believe in our customers and hire only the best to care for your facility’s needs. Our superior technicians, coupled with our efficient work order management system provide you with the best in class care from beginning to end. 

MaintenX doesn’t add additional fees to our self-performing facility maintenance services. We simply charge a labor rate to keep costs down and to ensure our contractors are paid well. This self-performing system helps you save time and money when finding the right contractor for your job. At MaintenX, we never settle for less. 

To get started, call your local MaintenX office to schedule a consultation or request a service. Your request will be handled by our work order management portal, guaranteed to reduce wait times. We manage your project from beginning to end and can easily schedule follow up preventative services based on past or current requests. 

Every member of the MaintenX team is dedicated to your facility’s success. From the local dispatch team, to your highly trained technician, to your customer support staff, we all work together to ensure your business is in tip-top shape. No other company offers the same level of reliability and accountability with a self-performing service. 

If you are interested in learning more about our preventative maintenance services, contact MaintenX today! We are happy to discuss the details of our services and get you set up with a consultation soon.

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