What is the Internet of Things and Why is it Important?

The Internet of Things is the global network of wirelessly connected devices, from cell phones to smart refrigerators, and the components that enable the connection. We often refer to items connected to the Internet of Things as “smart” because they can control themselves or be programmed remotely. As technology progresses, we’re able to integrate more tools and appliances into the Internet of Things. Why is this important for business infrastructure? Because smart networks can be used to automate your facilities, saving energy, time, and money.

The Internet of Things doesn’t simply mean machine to machine communication; those devices must incorporate data-gathering sensors. For example, a sensor on a bridge could send a signal to cars when the road has iced over, alerting the car to the dangerous road conditions ahead. Facilities already take advantage of this real-time communication between devices, with tools like room-based occupancy sensors which cut off or dim lights when spaces are unused.  

Sensors like that can be used to not only collect but also store and aggregate data that can help inform your systems management. HVAC systems can now use cloud based analytics. Given temperature preferences, the machine evaluates sensor data, sets timed temperature zones, and assess usage. Once the smart thermostat knows your parameters it will maintain itself, saving you time and optimizing your energy use. Smart technology also enables direct access to systems like lighting and HVAC through any internet-connected device, allowing for instant remote control from anywhere.

Automating environmental control systems is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Internet of Things. Soon anything that can be connected, will be. Smart sensors or phone apps will be used as keycards for building entry, for hailing and accessing elevators, and even identifying where employees are during an emergency.

Essentially, the Internet of Things allows infrastructure to control itself, which maximizes efficiency. By collecting and evaluating data, you gain the ability to make decisions based off analytics. Decisions grounded in data are the best ones; let MaintenX help you integrate smart technology into your workplace.