Green Temperature Control

Many business leaders and facility managers are pushing for sustainability. The use of “green,” or environmentally friendly, products and methods play a large role in achieving this. While a business can pursue sustainability in many ways, one oft-overlooked technique is temperature control. It is possible to regulate a building’s temperature in a way that is both environmentally friendly and comfortable for all inside.

A large part of going green is using less energy. Since heating and cooling account for almost half of a building’s energy use, HVAC is a good place to start. You can design a facility to include more natural ventilation, reducing reliance on air conditioning systems and keeping the air fresh. Investing in modern multi-paned windows that insulate always pays off in reduced HVAC costs.

There are some parts of the country and certain seasons where heavy heating or cooling is unavoidable, but even then, green practices can be used to minimize energy consumption. If your facility can generate at least some of its own electricity, with tools like solar panels or wind generators, it will offset power costs. Such methods come with significant startup costs, but if implemented in the right environment they pay for themselves and more.

Temperature control is essential to the comfort and productivity of employees. We at MaintenX have helped companies of all sizes make it less expensive, and we can certainly help you do the same. Contact us anytime to learn about how we can help your facility become more efficient and sustainable.