What It’s Like to Become A Plumber

Plumbing is one of the most lucrative of trade jobs in the country. These everyday heroes help community members in their time of need, and do so with a humble heart. A plumber saves the day when a family’s pipe bursts and their bathroom starts to flood. They help a small business reopen after a disaster has rendered their storefront unusable. No matter the crisis, they are there to restore normalcy in a time of stress. 

If you’re interested in becoming a plumber, here is what you should know:

What education do I need?

To get hired as a plumber for a larger company you need a Certificate of Qualification, typically obtained through a trade school and subsequent apprenticeship. Apprenticeships can go up to 9,000 hours — three to five years — with trade school classes required in the off hours. While this may seem like a long training period, you will leave fully prepared to become a licensed contractor or even start your own plumbing business. 

Is the pay good?

Most plumbers come out of their apprenticeship with plenty of experience and knowledge to complete commercial and residential jobs. Plumbers with several years of experience can earn upwards of $70,000 annually, or between $21-$25 an hour. For a career with a three-year learning curve, the pay is considered to be highly competitive among the trades. 

What are the differences between residential and commercial plumbing?

Plumbers can choose to specialize in residential or commercial plumbing, or work in both fields. Residential plumbing typically has a quicker turnaround between projects, as the equipment and plumbing systems are smaller. This can be a big advantage to residential plumbing; however, the commissions on commercial plumbing are usually higher. Commercial clients are, on average, more “hands off” while residential clients like to be involved and informed throughout the project. Your individual goals and competence with customer service will determine whether residential or commercial plumbing is best for you. 

What is there to not like about plumbing?

The most common challenge to plumbing occupations is the hard physical labor. You’re going to get dirty digging up lines, and occasionally have to deal with an overflowing toilet. However, plumbing professionals are considered highly skilled and their pay reflects the difficulty of their work. Many plumbers are able to find satisfaction in the hard labor because of the personal and financial rewards. 

Will you feel as if you are making a difference? 

Many plumbers say the best part of the job is the appreciation they receive on the job. For a family that can’t use their bathroom, or a business that’s losing money because they’ve had to close shop, you are the everyday hero. For many, this makes the hard work worthwhile. 

If you are interested in a plumbing position, talk to your local MaintenX crew. We offer competitive salaries and benefits you won’t get anywhere else, including: 

  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance 
  • Life Insurance and Short and Long Term Disability 
  • 401(k) retirement plan with company match 
  • Paid Vacations, Paid Holidays, and Sick Days
  • Personal Cell Phone Service and Discount through Company Cell Phone Carrier
  • Company Vehicle and Uniforms provided 
  • Fuel Card provided for Company Vehicle 
  • Opportunities for Overtime Hours 
  • Opportunity for Career Growth!

If you are interested in joining the MaintenX Super Service team as a Plumbing Technician please visit our careers page for additional info!

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