What It’s Like to Become A Roofer

Roofing is a great trade in the construction and maintenance fields. It is a job that requires skill but no formal education, and can keep you healthy as it involves plenty of physical labor. Roofing is also in high demand no matter where you go. 

If this lucrative trade is something you may want to pursue professionally, here’s what you need to know:

Every day there will be a new challenge. 

When you work in roofing, no two days are the same. Every client will have different demands and you will likely face many challenges with each project you take on. That’s why commercial clients and residents trust you to do their roofing work rather than do it themselves. This makes roofing a great career for problem-solvers and those who need a challenge in their daily work. 

To become a roofer, you will want to apprentice under a licensed contractor.

Roofers are required to have insurance, and typically must pass some sort of trade exam to become licensed in their state. While laws vary by state on requirements for getting a roofing contractor license, it is always a good idea to study under a professional before getting yours. Many roofers will offer apprenticeships for young professionals looking to get into the trade. This will also give you a chance to work in the field and see if it is the type of work you’d want to invest your time in. 

Roofing is hard work. 

Roofing requires physical strength and stamina. You’ll be required to lift heavy equipment, climb, bend, and work in extreme weather conditions. This is often seen as a benefit to the job, as it keeps you in great health compared to a desk job. However, roofing can wear you down; if you are not used to physical labor, this may be a challenge for you. 

Roofers are in high demand. 

Because roofing is exposed to the harsh elements, it requires more maintenance than most other areas of a facility. Roofers, therefore, are in high demand throughout the year. Most of your work as a roofer will be repairing and replacing shingles on existing roofs; only a quarter or so will be installation of new roofing. While roofing is not a seasonal job, you may see influxes of work after a major storm or natural disaster. 

Roofers are paid well. 

For a job that does not require formal education, roofers typically receive competitive wages. The median income for roofers is around $38,000 annually, with experienced roofers making upwards of $50,000. Growth rate in the industry is around 11%, meaning there is plenty of opportunity to pursue this career. 

If you are interested in becoming a roofer, talk to your local MaintenX contractors about open positions. We provide a safe work environment, competitive pay, and many other benefits including: 

  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance 
  • Life Insurance and Short and Long Term Disability 
  • 401(k) retirement plan with company match 
  • Paid Vacations, Paid Holidays, and Sick Days
  • Personal Cell Phone Service and Discount through Company Cell Phone Carrier
  • Company Vehicle and Uniforms provided 
  • Fuel Card provided for Company Vehicle 
  • Opportunities for Overtime Hours 
  • Opportunity for Career Growth!

If you are interested in joining the MaintenX Super Service team as a Roofing Technician please visit our careers page for additional info!

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