What Sets MaintenX Technicians Apart

MaintenX is one of the largest self-performing facility maintenance companies in the United States, and we’re also one of the strongest. Our contractor network goes above and beyond to ensure that each job is done with superior service and long-lasting results in mind. Whether you’re looking for minor repair service or comprehensive preventative maintenance, the MaintenX contractor network is here for you. 

But, what sets the MaintenX contractor network apart from the rest? 

The primary aspect that allows MaintenX to provide superior service is our account and work-order management system. Our technicians and staff communicate carefully to ensure that every work order is prioritized and addressed promptly. They arrive onsite with all of the necessary information to resolve your maintenance issue, and even provide preventative measures to deter future occurrences. This is what helps our team to exceed our customer’s expectations every time.

MaintenX also carefully hires technicians based on competence, enthusiasm, and motivation. We work with highly experienced specialists in the field and provide ancillary training to ensure the highest standards of competence are met. We also cultivate a culture of excellence among our service teams, starting with hires that are truly motivated to succeed. MaintenX technicians know that customer service is the top priority and will ensure you are taken care of every time.

MaintenX provides HVAC, plumbing, roofing, and electrical repair services as well as preventative maintenance and general contractors repairs. We service across the country and provide competitive pricing for facilities of every size. We offer:

  • 40+ years of experience
  • Service from licensed contractors and technicians
  • A safe work environment
  • Electronically dispatched service fleets
  • Software-based work-order management 
  • Dedicated service coordinators

If you are looking for the best team of maintenance technicians in your area, contact your local MaintenX team today! 

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