Why Facilities Management Is Crucial For School Enrollment

2020 has been a challenging year for many colleges and private institutions. With the shift of many classrooms from on-campus to online learning, schools have had to retool the very basis of their student life. Next fall, enrollment numbers will be more important than ever, especially for on-campus classes and housing. The time to start thinking about your enrollment protocols and recruitment is now. 

Private and higher education institutions do not receive the guaranteed enrollment that public K-12 schools do. They must work harder to recruit students and keep them satisfied. While your school’s reputation and student life are important, there is one aspect of enrollment you may be overlooking: maintenance. Many students cite campus maintenance as one of the critical factors that play into enrollment decisions, especially at a time when hygiene and cleanliness are of the utmost importance. 

  • Over 70% of students agree that the appearance of campus is important, and many of those students cite it as more important than the institutions’ reputation.

Campus aesthetics is more than landscaping and design. Maintaining facilities is essential to creating a positive learning environment. If a classroom is not well climate-controlled; if the lights flicker during a lecture; if the sinks leak in the dorm rooms; or if you can see shingles missing from a rooftop, your campus enrollment will severely suffer. These maintenance issues affect not only the appearance of your campus but its safety and student comfort. 

These issues are unacceptable at a time when student enrollment is a struggle already for schools. To prevent these maintenance issues, hire your local MaintenX team for comprehensive preventative care this summer. The MaintenX team can address major maintenance issues, and get your campus running even more efficiently by the time classes start. 

If you believe your campus will be closed for the first part of the fall semester, you can plan on further maintenance repairs and even some renovations. These closures are a time to look at your campus more critically and make improvements that will keep students coming back for years to come. MaintenX can help you create a plan and timeline that will accommodate your needs and budget most effectively. 

To learn more about maintenance options for school campuses, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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