What to Do when Your Foundation Cracks

When was the last time you took a walk around the outside of your building and really inspected the area? Did you get down and pay close attention to your building’s foundation? Most often, business or building owners don’t personally examine the exterior. Landscape and facility maintenance teams are there to keep the exterior looking beautiful and well-manicured, so foundational cracks can be overlooked. But cracks in your foundation can lead to severe problems like building erosion and even mold.

It is a good rule of thumb to have your building’s exterior examined by a professional annually. In environmental conditions like those in Florida, though, there are some things that happen to add to ground settling and foundation cracking. Rain, heat, and wind can all play roles in the decline of your building’s structural integrity.

If foundational cracks are discovered, it is important to address the issue immediately. You need to have an inspection performed to ensure that mold has not penetrated the building and started to spore. Exterior walls directly surrounding the cracks should be scraped, providing a new and flat surface on the wall. Cracks are then filled and painted over with a waterproof paint to seal the exterior surface.

Once the cracks have been directly addressed, it is important to survey the surrounding area to determine what can be done to prevent future foundational cracking. Many businesses do not have proper drainage around their exterior. If there’s standing water, erosion and cracking can become more prevalent.

If your building hasn’t been inspected within the past year, or if you have discovered cracks in your foundation, you need to get a professional out to your facility immediately. These issues need to be resolved prior to the upcoming storm season. Contact MaintenX today to set an appointment with one of our experts.