What to Do when Your Foundation Has Mold

Mold is frightening to any home or business owner. The threat of mold spores traveling through your walls and into your HVAC system, completely taking over your building, is a very real one here in Florida. The climate is hot and humid, and storm season lasts through Summer and Fall, so mold is just something that business owners must consider. So how do you combat foundational mold once it has arrived? Let’s look at what to do.

Foundational mold can occur for many reasons, but the most common cause is moisture getting into tiny cracks in the base of your exterior walls, near the surface of the ground. This moisture penetrates the stucco or concrete walls and does not evaporate, creating a mold breeding ground. If you suspect that mold has formed, you need to get it professionally inspected and properly cleaned. You also need to have an air quality analysis done inside your building to make sure the spores have not spread beyond your foundation and infected your air.

Once the source of the mold has been taken care of and cleaned, the cracks need to be addressed and sealed. Make sure that your landscape drains water away from your building. Many businesses do not have proper drainage systems and promote standing water around the base of the foundation.

If you have suspicions of a mold problem in your foundation or building, or you regularly notice standing water in the landscaping surrounding your building’s exterior walls, you need to get a professional involved. Mold can be a serious issue for your building and the health of those inside. Contact MaintenX today to have an expert come out and assess your situation.