Why You Should Plant Trees at Your Facility

Unless you live in a big city, the extent to which facilities maintain their properties is usually obvious from the street. We may think it’s only for aesthetic appeal, but there are more unexpected reasons facility managers may choose to designate budget dollars to that purpose.

When greenery is replaced by buildings in urban areas, cities can’t absorb the chemicals from cars and buildings as effectively, and air quality suffers.

Trees and plants also have an incredible ability to cool down cities by fighting the urban heat island effect. They reflect sunlight and heat unlike pavement, which absorbs it. 

You may have noticed some facilities surround their buildings with trees. There’s a reason for that: the foliage blocks out a lot of noise. Sound bounces off hard surfaces, but is scattered and absorbed by plants. 

How Do Trees Benefit Your Facility?

  • Improved air quality
  • Improved water quality
  • Improved wildlife habitats
  • Cooled air temperatures

What Can You Do?

  • Plant trees on your property. Plant about 20 feet away from your building on western exposures for optimum energy conservation.
  • Plant at least one tree per car in your building to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Advocate for tree planting in public spaces in your community.
  • Remember that all trees need to be maintained after they are planted.

For more information about planting trees, contact MaintenX today!