Latest Sustainability Program Trends

Sustainability has become an important aspect of managing a facility. A sustainable building is resource efficient and environmentally friendly. There are a number of trends that are on the rise for facility sustainability that can help you run a more cost-effective and eco-minded business facility.

Energy conservation is at the forefront of the sustainability movement. Businesses across the globe are finding ways to reduce energy use and cutting emissions. Many of them do this by lessening the amount of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, that are burned for business processes. Instead, companies are turning to energy sources like solar, wind, or hydroelectric power.

The sustainability movement doesn’t just affect big business; there are a number of things that smaller businesses and offices can do to be more environmentally friendly. One simplest way reduce water and energy consumption is to install new appliances and systems, as newer products can often run on less. For example, lighting that is equipped with motion sensors cuts down on power usage, while faucets that are motion sensitive limit water waste. Both of these types of systems cut down on the usage of energy and thereby also save the business in utility costs.

Businesses can also install appliances that actually generate power. Solar panels are the most popular apparatus for this, however they are most effective in locations that receive ample sunlight. Windmills are also a viable option depending on geographic location. Either way, these devices help recoup energy costs by providing their own power.

At MaintenX, we believe in the power of sustainability and are willing and able to help you transition to more sustainable technology. If you have plans to update existing systems or install new equipment at your facility, please contact MaintenX today.