4 Tips For Keeping Your Gutters Clean

The biggest threat to any facility is water damage. Water pooling leads to mold, mildew, and rust, which almost always require invasive removal services for affected areas. During the winter months, facilities are at high risk for water damage. While the rainy season many have passed, snow that accumulates and then melts can be disastrous for roofing that is not well-maintained. In order to keep your facility in tip-top shape, you’ll want to invest in several preventative maintenance services. 

By cleaning out your gutters year-round, you can prevent the number one cause of water damage at your facility. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up into the fascia. Debris can also cause gutters to sag and put unnecessary stress on your roofing. The decaying matter, if left unchecked, will inevitably lead to mold and rot, or provide a safe haven for pests. 

Prevent roof and facility damage by following these five gutter maintenance tips: 

Trim your trees

This may seem obvious, but in our experience, the most common culprit of gutter buildup is a lack of lawn and tree maintenance. During the fall, leaves will build up in gutters and immediately cause buildup. It is essential to not only clean your gutters but trim trees around the roofing to reduce debris as much as possible. 

Invest in a mesh screen cap or tension hood

In addition to scheduling regular gutter cleaning, you can also invest in barriers to keep debris out. Mesh screen caps and surface tension hoods are both affordable and effective ways to reduce large debris buildup. Smaller particles may still cause occasional clogs and the tops of these surfaces will need to be maintained, but cleaning requirements for the gutter are significantly reduced. 

Tackle slime buildup head on

Gutters don’t suffer from debris buildup alone. If left unchecked, algae and bacteria can build up to form a thick and unpleasant layer of slime. This will cause fast wear and tear that you don’t want to have to pay for in the future. Be proactive by scheduling regular gutter cleaning treatments from MaintenX

Look for future gutter repairs

Gutters wear down just like any other structure. You will need to routinely repair leaks, tighten downspouts, and invest in gutter protection products as the parts wear. These repairs can be done by your MaintenX team on a schedule or as you see fit. We specialize in roofing and gutter repair for facilities of all sizes and needs. 

If you want to get ahead of your roofing and gutter maintenance checklist for the winter, contact MaintenX today!