The Best Type of Shingles For Your Commercial Facility

One of the primary determining factors to a facility’s structural integrity is its roofing, and therefore, its shingles. Shingles are used in roofing for many reasons. Carrying sheets of small shingles is much less labor-intensive and safe than laying large pieces of asphalt or fiberglass. The small size of shingles also makes it easier for them to appear even when constructed manually. They provide a sturdy exterior shell to your roofing that ensures it can withstand rain, wind, snow, and sun. 

You may be accustomed to one type of shingle for your facility, but MaintenX offers a wide variety of options for our clients. Different shingle materials provide different benefits as well as different price points. Below are some of the most common shingle types used in commercial applications. 

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common type of shingles. They are durable, affordable, and most roofers will be able to repair and replace them. Asphalt shingles are also easy to install, cutting costs for new or replacement roofing labor. Asphalt shingles can deflect UV rays, which also helps to lower your energy bills during the summer. While asphalt shingles are fairly inexpensive, they are the most prone to damage. You will need to replace asphalt shingles more frequently because they are less durable than other types. 

Metal shingles

Metal roofing is a much more durable option with the same UV and leak protection benefits of asphalt roofs. Metal roofs will last up to 30 years longer than asphalt roofs and are much less prone to damage from falling debris or inclement weather. However, installation costs are much higher for metal roofing. The specifications required for metal roofing are also much more strict, so this roofing option is not viable for every facility. 

Slate shingles

Slate shingles are another long-lasting option for commercial facilities. They can last decades — eve centuries — if kept in good condition. They are also an eco-conscious and aesthetically appealing roofing option for facilities where outward presentation is important. Slate is one of the most durable options that will help to insulate and reduce your building’s environmental footprint. However, they are the most expensive option. Slate is costly to install, and if a shingle does break or wear, it can be difficult to find matching shingles after the initial order. This may be a great investment for your building, but you must beware of the associated costs. 

MaintenX is passionate about roofing and preventative maintenance excellence. We are up-to-date on local safety codes and roofing best practices to deliver the best customer service possible. If you are interested in roofing repairs or shingle installation services, contact your local MaintenX team today!