Preparing Your Facility For Ice, Snow, And Temperature Drops

As the seasons change, so do the needs of your facility. Snow, sleet, and temperature drops can put your structures under significant stress, especially if you neglect to care for them in the summer and fall months. Preventative maintenance is the first step for keeping your equipment, employees, and structure under safe conditions throughout the snowy season. 

At MaintenX, we encourage all of our clients to conduct a thorough facility inspection before the first snowfall. This helps to identify and prevent maintenance problems that can turn into costly emergencies. However, not every facility follows this procedure. If you’re looking for ways to prepare your facility for the winter months, here is what we recommend to all of our clients in cold climates: 

Budget in advance

Winter maintenance is often the most-labor intensive, and therefore the most expensive. Outdoor services during snow and icy conditions will cost you more, so it’s best to plan for preventative maintenance before the weather becomes too severe. You will also want to budget for ancillary expenses that only come during the winter. Be prepared for heater repairs, snow and ice removal, and plumbing issues due to temperature changes.

Schedule preventative maintenance for your roof

Roofing is one of the most affected yet least cared-for areas of large facilities during the winter. Your roof may experience water damage due to melting snow and ice, and will have additional weight that it doesn’t have to carry in the summer. Care for your roofing by scheduling regular inspections of flashings, coverings, ballast and drainage systems. You will also want to ask your MaintenX team about emergency snow removal services. If too much snow accumulates you could face leaks and cracks that end up as costly repairs. 

Fire Safety

Fires are unfortunately much more common in the winter as heating units are pushed to the limits. The risk of fire protection tanks freezing can also put employees in danger, which is why preventative maintenance is a top priority. If your fire system freezes, call your maintenance team to carefully isolate the frozen area, warm it to force ice from the pipe, and reinstall. This process should be done by a professional MaintenX technician.

Waterproof your roofing

Waterproof membranes will save your roof and interiors from severe water damage during the winter. You want to invest in roofing membranes before the worst of the snow or ice, because it is difficult to install once late winter arrives. This preventative maintenance step will also increase the insulation of your facility, reducing heating and energy costs. 

The MaintenX team will be by your side throughout winter to keep your facility in tip-top shape. Contact us today to schedule a facility audit and start planning for winter preventative maintenance.