Back To School Maintenance Tips During COVID-19

Hillsborough county schools, as well as schools across the country, are preparing to reopen amidst the coronavirus pandemic. This decision has come after many months of debate, school planning, and research by health authorities to ensure that children continue their studies in a safe and healthy environment. As a maintenance and cleaning service provider, MaintenX is also here to help keep our schools safe while open. 


Campus cleaning and maintenance can go a long way toward keeping students and faculty safe and reducing exposure to COVID-19. WHile these measures are a second priority, they should be factored into the facility maintenance planning of all campuses. Below are four simple ways in which your school can stay cleaner and safer with the help of the MaintenX staff: 


Clean your HVAC systems regularly

Research suggests that certain bacteria and viruses can circulate through HVAC vents and spread quickly throughout a building with the same unit. While it is unknown whether coronavirus can spread in this manner, we encourage campuses to be vigilant with their HVAC duct cleaning and air filter replacement. This not only helps keep a building healthier overall, but provides higher indoor air quality that reduces the spread of germs. 



Most school reopening plans include measures to encourage hand washing and hand sanitization, but campus-wide sanitization is also possible through specialized services. Before you reopen or during school breaks, vapor sanitization services can be scheduled to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses, and to circulate germ-killing chemicals through the HVAC ductwork. This step can help stop the spread of germs as soon as they arrive onsite. 


Schedule maintenance after hours

Having your maintenance staff onsite is essential, but it further exposes kids to others who have COVID-19. To reduce this exposure, plan all visits with maintenance staff — as well as any other services — after hours. The fewer visitors you have on campus, the better. This also protects the safety of your maintenance staff and faculty. 


Ask staff to do their part

Your faculty and staff will be at the front lines during this pandemic, and will be largely responsible for keeping students safe. By providing proper education and training, they can ensure that children are not exposed to COVID-19 while continuing their education in an enriching environment. MaintenX staff will also be there to help you clean, sanitize, and maintain your facility with health and safety as a first priority. 


To learn more about ways you can keep your campus safe during COVID-19, contact us today!

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