Forget These Five Maintenance Tasks And You Could Put Employees in Danger

Facility managers primarily focus on cost-cutting and facility efficiency, because that is what their own job performance is measured upon. However, maintaining low-cost efficient systems is not the only job of your maintenance staff. While we keep your costs and workflow in mind, our main job is to ensure that your facility is a safe place in which to be. With safety as our first priority, we keep your business in check. 


There are several reasons why MaintenX put safety first in facility maintenance. We do it for our own staff, so that they are not worried about onsite injuries. We also know that cost-cutting and efficiency aren’t worth anything if the safety of tenants isn’t guaranteed. We work hard to lay the foundation for success so that you can have a high performing facility that is also a great place to work. 


Here’s what we focus on in maintaining facility safety during maintenance services: 


HVAC cleaning

Your HVAC system is a major source of energy consumption throughout the day, and keeping it clean helps maintain its efficiency. However, this is also an important safety procedure. If HVAC systems are not cleaned properly, they can circulate harmful bacteria and other germs throughout your entire facility. This results in “sick building syndrome” where your tenants are all affected by a bacteria circulating through the vents. Keep your tenants healthy by scheduling regular HVAC maintenance. 


Roofing maintenance

Roofing maintenance is relatively straightforward. Most of what you need to do is clean the gutters, remove heavy debris, and replace broken shingles or leaks when you notice them. While these tasks are simple, they can save you from severe roofing damage during a natural disaster. Heavy debris and leaks will weaken the structure of the roof, and when a major storm comes, it won’t stand up to the wind and rain. Make sure your roofing is always disaster-proof by taking care of it regularly. 


Fire safety

Fire safety equipment is something we hope to never use, but should always be in working order. Your MaintenX team can check equipment such as the overhead sprinklers, alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and more to ensure that your facility will always be safe during a fire emergency. 


Electrical safety

Electrical systems are dangerous for any untrained person to work on or perform maintenance tasks. Electrical systems can cause many problems, and if they malfunction can completely stop your facility operations. Don’t do electrical maintenance yourself — contact your MaintenX technician for a professional diagnosis and service. 


Backflow testing

Backflow testing is required for most commercial facilities, but it also provides some safety benefits for your tenants and staff. It ensures that water quality and purity are maintained at all times, and ensures that contamination of water never occurs, whether it is for machinery or for bathrooms, drinking fountains, and other water sources where direct contact is possible. By scheduling backflow testing regularly, you keep your employees safe and healthy at all times. 


These simple maintenance tasks will keep your facility running smoothly and your tenants out of harm’s way. To learn more about these services and how MaintenX can help you, contact us today!

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