Four Tips for Maintaining Vacant Rentals 

2020 has been a difficult year for many small businesses and property owners. During these tough times, you may have had to deal with unexpected vacancies, or struggled to rent out a commercial building after an old tenant moved out. While this economic downturn is temporary, it brings many unexpected challenges to property owners and managers, including how to maintain a vacant rental for an indeterminate amount of time. 


MaintenX wants to help our small businesses and property managers as much as possible. Below we offer several ways to cut costs on vacant rentals without sacrificing the integrity of the building. By following these tips, you can ensure your property is ready to show when a new tenant is interested: 


Insulate piping to avoid corrosion. 

Plumbing problems will immediately turn away the next tenant who is interested in your property. However, reactive plumbing maintenance can be incredibly expensive at a time when you can’t afford it. To avoid plumbing problems down the line, insulate them. This prevents leaks, corrosion, and breaks due to freezing. 


Schedule regular HVAC checks to ensure the system runs when in use again.

You don’t want to be running the A/C in a vacant property during the summer. However, you don’t want to find an interested tenant, only to have to pay for expensive HVAC repairs before you show the facility. Avoid major (and costly) repairs by having a MaintenX HVAC technician regularly service your system during vacancy. These low-cost preventative services will save you greatly in the long run. 


Electrical safety checks.

Safety is our first priority at MaintenX. When a facility is left vacant for some time, it can have issues when in use again. You don’t want electrical issues to surface when you finally rent out your property, so schedule electrical safety checks just as you do with the HVAC system. This is both the responsible and cost-effective decision for your facility. 


Schedule roofing repair. 

If your vacant property starts to show signs of roofing damage, you need to address it immediately. When someone isn’t in the building daily, you won’t notice when that missing shingle turns into a leak, and then turns into expensive water damage. Be sure to schedule roofing repairs before showing the property to new tenants as well. 


MaintenX provides affordable, comprehensive facility maintenance services for commercial facilities of all kinds. To learn more about what we can do for your vacant facility, contact us today! 


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