Best Plants for Around the Office

The types of plants you generally see around an office building usually share one common factor: they’re all fake. Fake plants have been popular for years, because they require zero maintenance. There are, however, several living plant types that are suitable for your office space and carry intrinsic benefits beyond decoration.


Best Low Maintenance Plants

One of the easiest plants to keep alive is the Chinese Evergreen. It thrives in most temperatures and lighting environments, and does not need to be watered very often because its root system prefers to dry out between waterings. These relatively small plants can be housed on shelves or on tabletops. Another option in the low maintenance category is the snake plant. You can literally forget this thing exists for weeks at a time without consequences, as it doesn’t require frequent waterings.


Best Low Light Plants

The Philodendron is a slightly larger plant that is also simple to maintain but grows more vertically, so it’s suited to larger, more open spaces. This plant grows best outside of direct sunlight, so don’t worry about placing it near a window. The Cast Iron Plant also does well in low light situations, and offers its own unique look to compliment the Philodendron.


Best Plants to Encourage Health

While you may not think about it, plants remove toxins from the air and so promote healthier environments. Scientific studies have shown that certain plants promote cleaner breathing and happier, more productive employees. The Spider Plant, Lemon Balm, and Peace Lily are just a few on the list.


Next time you think about how to decorate your office with foliage, keep the fake plants out of the equation. Consider your lighting and maintenance needs before selecting varieties. Who knows, maybe you’ll even notice some added productivity and fewer sick days around your office because of it.