How to Create a Home Office

The face of the workforce is rapidly changing, and that shift brings with it new working conditions. Because millennials comprising an increasing portion of the working population, and they carry with them a new set of standards, half of all employees now work remotely. The key to a successful home office is to create an environment that is comfortable and stimulates productivity. Here are some tips you can pass along to your remote workers.


Location can make or break your home office. Because you will likely be spending most of your day in the office, you need to use adequate space and make sure you can be there comfortably for hours at a time. It is best to dedicate a space to this rather than simply retrofitting a desk into a bedroom or living room. Productivity is boosted when you can “go to work” and get away from the norms of a home. It is also important to make sure there is adequate natural lighting, so set up shop in a space with a window.


If you can’t dedicate an office room, partition your office space for better productivity. Maybe the corner of the living room is the only available space to work and have a desk. If this is the case, separate that space with shelving or a decorative curtain to make it feel like its own space. Studies show that offices set up in the living room or bedroom provide too many distractions, whether television or the internal desire to do work around the house that doesn’t pertain to your job.


When working from home, make sure your technology is sufficient. You need to take into consideration all the daily tasks you must complete for your job. If your job is file heavy, make sure your internet can handle the workload. While most people function strictly from a mobile phone these days, having a dedicated phone line in your house for work purposes is a must. Not only does it make the office more formal, it provides a more secure and stable connection between the worker and the outside world. You also need to ensure that all tech is reliably available and functional, including printers, scanners, and webcams.


Working from home can provide a wealth of benefits for the employee, but it can also come with a list of distractions and complications. Having a properly arranged office space can help to eliminate any negatives and promote productivity and efficiency. By issuing your mobile employees certain ground rules, you can maximize value for everyone.