Best Uses for A Small Attic

So you’ve got a great office. Sure, it’s a little smaller than you would like, but you really have it organized and are utilizing the space effectively. What if there was something you were missing? An unused space that you really don’t think about often, if at all. I’m talking about your attic. Even a small attic can give you more space. Let’s see how.


Many people in an office think of an attic as a place to store old documents or holiday supplies, never to be seen again – or at most only once a year. Sure, it’s great to have a place to store these things, but what if your small attic became a truly viable storage space? It can, and save you money and time along the way.


If done correctly, small attics can become quite usable loft areas. In most cases, removing part of a wall or ceiling can integrate the space into your building. The possibilities of this space are truly limitless. Depending on its size, you can create a common area, an easily accessible supply storage space, or even that extra office you’ve been needing.


Once the attic space is opened up, properly insulated, fitted with stairs, it is easy to decorate and create a comfortable environment. Even if you have only added an extra 100 square feet to your building, it is 100 square feet of usable space you didn’t have before.


Whether you want to turn your attic into an open loft for storage, and office, or something entirely different, this is no task to take on yourself. There are many structural and electrical implications that must be researched and considered; the best thing to do is get a professional involved. Contact MaintenX to find out your best options and see if this renovation is right for you.