Best Refrigeration Brands For Commercial Facilities

MaintenX is a leader in repairs and preventative service for commercial refrigeration. Your refrigeration system is essential to operations and therefore needs professional attention to make it last. If you are the owner or manager of a restaurant, bar, or commercial kitchen, you need the best in the industry, and that’s what MaintenX provides. 

We offer comprehensive refrigeration repair and preventative maintenance including ice machine cleaning, low-temperature refrigeration maintenance, and installations. However, even a disaster-proof maintenance plan will be ineffective without a quality refrigerator brand. We work with some of the top U.S. manufacturers to ensure our clients get everything they need out of their commercial refrigerator. Some of the brands we work with are below: 

  • Master-Bilt – This manufacturer provides quality walk-in refrigeration and freezers, as well as a variety of foodservice equipment for every facility’s needs. 
  • Turbo Air – From commercial coolers and freezers to prep tables and more, Turbo Air has you covered. They focus on quality and consistency and are an affordable brand for most businesses. 
  • Trenton – Refrigeration systems from Trenton are innovative and include lifelong support for your equipment. 
  • Heatcraft – Heatcraft is an all-inclusive climate control solution serving over 70 countries. They are a leader in the industry and provide climate control for industries outside foodservice. 
  • Tecumseh – Tecumseh offers a wide variety of products to suit every environment, application, and budget. 
  • Zero Zone – Zero zone is considered a highly customer-centric company because they focus on ease of use and integrity of design with each refrigeration product. 
  • Hussmann – Hussman designs both display and performance refrigeration for all companies in foodservice. They are top-rated in the industry for their quality products. 

MaintenX can help you choose the right brand and model to install for your facility. Your individual needs, budget, and applications are considered before your refrigeration specialist makes a recommendation. We can help you install models from any of these brands, and provide continuing service for your refrigeration system. 

To learn more about our comprehensive HVAC/R services, contact MaintenX today!

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