Ideas for Renovating Supply Storage

If you are high on stuff and low on space, you know the struggle of keeping everything clean and organized. This is especially true regarding your supply storage area. Maybe you have a small closet tucked away in your office, or maybe all you have is a storage cabinet. Either way, having an overcrowded storage area brings productivity down and slows business processes. Here are 3 easy tips to better utilize the space you have.


Tip #1 – Use the Walls to Your Advantage

Have a small closet that you house all your materials in? Maybe you can’t install an elaborate organizational system in the limited space, but you do have the wall. Instead of installing a cabinet, which will likely take up most of the room, hang tiered shelves on the walls. By using the walls and shelves as built-in storage receptacles, you can get everything off the floor and still create an area you can walk into. Use bins with labeled drawers to store loose items.


Tip #2 – Use Risers Inside Your Storage Cabinets

The riser is a simple way to double your space inside a small area like a storage cabinet. Often what you place on the shelves does not take up all the vertical space, wasting much-needed room for materials. You can use risers, basically platforms placed on the shelf, to create a second level to each shelf. Now you have double the space in which to organize smaller items.


Tip #3 – Alphabetize

This may seem like you’re digging into your OCD subconscious, but it will truly help you stay on top of your storage game. Whether you are storing catalogs, chemicals, or general office supplies, make sure that everything is labeled and organize the goods into alphabetical order. Not only will this help you declutter your space, it will also keep things easy and quick to find.


By following these 3 easy tips, you will be well on your way to more organized and productive supply storage area. There are many ways you can utilize your limited space for maximum benefit. Contact MaintenX for more examples or to get a renovation expert out for a consultation.